Can you hide all collection objects at the same time via the outliner?

I have a collection with 20 cubes (for example)…
Is there a way to klick the ‘eye icon’ of the collection (in the outliner)…so that all the cubes in that collection, hide all at the same time?

And as a follow up… is it possible to select all the objects in a colleciton, by pressing the arrow key next to the collection name? (with ALT or SHIFT or something). I know I can right klick and then select all… but maybe theres a clickshortcut for this

As you say. Click the eye icon for the collection and all objects in the collection get hidden. At least it did for me last time I tried.

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ah… i was confused because the little eye icons stay present for the objects… but the collection eye overrides it…

And what about selectiing? Cause that doestn seem to work by pressing the arrow of the collection

Right click menu is the only way I know of, but I think they work on other ways to select in the outliner so it may change in the future.