Can you 'invert' the Boolean Modifier (keep the 'hole' instead of deleting it)?

Is there a way to keep the content that is ‘carved out’ when you use the Boolean Modifier/Intersect? Instead of deleting it?

(I can’t use the Difference option for this mesh.)

I tried to use the Knife Project instead, but it could only cut through half the mesh. The Boolean Modifier cuts all the way through, like I want it to - but it deletes the part I wish to keep…

OK, solved - sort of! :slight_smile:

Which means that I found out that a Cut Through button appears after you’ve used the Knife Project - plus I realized that I had to be in wireframe mode to delete the parts I had cut off.

But I’d still like to hear if anyone knows if you can ‘invert’ the Boolean Modifier…