Can you limit a bone influence to local space?

Does anybody know if there is any way for a bone to have influence on vertices only on a local space level? meaning that if that bone is moved around by its parent, it would not move the vertices that are connected to that bone?

Bones are in local space - and if a bone is moved and it has children then they move also unless constrained by something.
Can you provide a more specific example ?

The problem is not the bone moving, but that the children move and they move vertices along with them.

I have a head, with a main eyebrow controller and small tweak controllers, so the hierarchy is:

Head → Eyebrow Main → Eyebrow tweak controllers.

The whole head is weight painted to the Head bone. The eyebrow main activates shape keys so I can move the eyebrow up and down. And lastly I would like smaller controls to tweak the eyebrow… But if I weight paint those tiny controllers, when I move the Eyebrow Main bone they will move as well and then destroy the shape key result. The only current solution is to make shape keys for each tweak control, which feels a bit crazy. So I wonder if there is any way to do weight painting on those tweak controllers but avoid that weight painting if I move the eyebrow main.

Parent them to Head.


Lol, in theory that works for the eyebrows, although its a shame the controllers will not follow the eyebrow controller, trying to get a good rig user experience. The other thing is that I have the same situation around the mouth, I need the tweaks on the lips and if I parent directly to the head then the controllers wont follow the jaw moving.

but thanks for the idea! maybe I can do some reverse engineering using what you mentioned.

You want tweak bone to look like its parented to controller bone, but act like its parented to head bone? Duplicate tweak. Disable deform on duplicate. Parent original to head, duplicate to controller. Give original a copy transforms constraint, local->local, targeting duplicate. Hide the original or shunt it off to a layer in the boonies.


Thanks! Was just trying that by what @stilltrying suggested. This will definitely do it, thanks!

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