can you looping procedurals

I’m creating a flag animation for work. I have a great wood procedural displacement map that I want to animate. The problem is I need it to loop seamlessly. Anyone know how to do it, or if its even possible?

Does this help

I’m afraid that doesnt help… I know how to animate it… I just can’t get the animation to loop seamlessly… Any help would be appreciated

Can’t seem to be able to do it, too. A tiling texture is what you’d need. Can’t figure out how procedurals tile, though.
A workaround might be to use a long grayscale image with bands and gradients like your wood procedural. Make sure the image tiles at the start and end edges. Then you can map this to an empty and keyframe your empty so that it moves through the length of your flag. Sawtooth shaped ipo so that it jumps back to the start position in a cyclic manner.
Or maybe you could still use procedurals… just make the flutter die down gradually for the start and end frames? Then it would be easy to loop…

You need to do that directly from the IPO curves editor. Select the approriate IPO curve and extend it to CYCLIC. That should do it I think.

Hi SpindleRift,

Unfortunately procedural textures do not loop. However, there are ways to cheat it. Take a look at this thread :-

There are also other tutorials available directlty from my website such as :-

Cog’s Quick Tutorials No.1 Simple Flag Creation in Blender

Or others that explain how to create repeating procedural animations :-

Cog’s Quick Tutorials No.2 Transitional Wipes

By the way would anyone giving links for my site please ensure that the correct host name is used i.e

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Here is a gif animation of a moving cloth looping animation:
The uploaded wavingflag.blend file here:
I cheated and first did a shadeless ortho render of the wood texture on a plane. Then I brought the image to a 2d image editing program, shifted it in the horizontal direction with the wraparound option on to expose the transition point and smudged and blurred it away, making it seamless horizontally.
Using that as the displacement image, it is easy to animate the x offset value so that the image scrolls through the plane in a cyclic manner.