can you make a 2d filter only affect 1 object

I really hope you guys can help me because I am really stumped on this one…
I would like to use the motion blur filter but only for specific objects. e.g when the character swings a sword only the sword gets motion blur???

if u look at martinsh´s thermal 2d filter u can see that he used propertys for the heat of the object so yes it is possible

he’s asking on HOW to do that, not if it’s possible :confused:

It’s possible alright, I think this might be what your looking for… And you don’t even need GLSL!

He says here to copy the object, if your looking for high framerate you can render the front of the sword, then alpha out the background, then do whatever the tutorial says, because coping the object if it’s high poly will x5 the polycount in the tutorial and you don’t want that. :slight_smile:

Thanks, this looks like exactly what I am looking for. The weapons are not very high poly so I think it won’t affect the frame rate too much!