Can you make a mesh object drive a rig controller?


I’m working on an animation that has a lot of twisting in it and am running into a lot of euler issues. When I work in maya, I like to strongarm euler issues by making a small cube, parenting the problem rig control to that cube, and then animating directly on the cube. I know there’s smoother options for dealing with euler issues, this one just works best for my brain. Is there a way to do something similar in blender?

From what I can tell blender pretty heavily separates rigs/armatures from objects they’re not directly skinned to. I’ve tried a straight up parent a couple times, but it just makes the cube move the entire rig instead of one control.

Any help is appreciated!

Absolutely. Make a cube or whatever. Give a bone in your armature a Copy Transforms constraint targeting that mesh object. Now you can use that mesh object to control the bone. (Note that the cube should probably be in close to the orientation of the bone or else you’ll have to finagle it someplace reasonable-- that’s not so hard though.)

Not sure how that’s going to help at all with Euler issues, but that’s what you could do.