Can you make OSA selective?

Does OSA have to smooth everything in your scene? Even at its lowest setting (5) it can smooth some textures to much.

Easy, render 3 different levels, open them all up in photoshop/gimp as different layers, and then mask to whatever composition you want!!!

like adaptive antialiasing?

i don’t think blender has that.

Thanks MacGyver. Yes, thats not hard but I was just looking for a quicker way.

SamAdam, is OSA antialiasing? I thought antialiasing was where the edge of an object is gently blured to its suroundings? OSA seems more like a blur of everything not just edges.

Yafray has more control over anti-aliasing, but is missing some effects of the Blender internal, like halo effects and I never could get shaders to work (shaders could have been me, but I know halo effects don’t work).

Also I believe you can set materials not to show antialiasing, somewhere in the textures dialogue.

When animating, OSA is always good I have found, the higher the better.

what about in the materials option of “full OSA” or does it not work without OSA on?

I don’t know what full OSA does. But I turned OSA off in the rendering menu and enabled full OSA in the texture menu and it did not apply OSA to anything. So I believe you have to have OSA enabled for full OSA to do whatever it is supposed to…

Hi !

I think that you can use for example OSA level 5 on the whole animation, and set some material that needs a higher resolution to Full OSA.


if you have problem on image textures going blurry, there is also “filter” value on texture settings… lower that to make them sharper.


Basse, is it under the Texture Buttons or Material Buttons, because I can’t find “filter”?

Under the Texture buttons, when you have assigned an image texture, in the Image tab, under the button “Load Image”.

Thanks! Now if only there was something for procedurals, they get blured as well…

Are you sure that’s because of the OSA? When you’re using procedurals a tab “Colors” appears next to the Texture tab. There you can change contrast, brightness and use a colorband. Maybe this can help to make your procedurals less blurry.