can you make selected children?

Heres a quickie…
Can you make individual vertices or UV faces children to another object as the parent?
May aim would be have those selected faces track the parent object (stretching and shrinking in real time)

Thanx again to this mighty forum!

Well, I know you can vertex-parent an object to a vert. 'Tis called vertex parenting. You select one object, then another, press tab, select a vertice, and press ctrl+p…I’m not so sure about a vertice to an object, though I could be wrong…better ask someone who knows what they’re doing…hope this helped…


I dont believe so, but you can try it the other way around. But you will not have the shrinking and stretching. The whole object will follow, or track to it.

You need bones to set up something like that, or just use an ipo. Do your mesh and set a frame, shrink it set a frame and stretch it, set a frame etc.

Edit:, you cannot do it the other way around, because you can only parent to the last object/verts of the last object selected.