Can you Minumize all logic bricks at once?

Is there a way in BGE to close or minumize all the logic bricks at once? Its verry time consumming to look through a lots of logic bricks for just the one that you need. Then you have to close them all if you want to be able to see most of them on the same screen. If there was just one button to close all logic bricks at once it would take away half of the drugery of working with the logic bricks. Maybe just a small script that could access the minumize button thats already on every logic brick? Does anybody know how to do this. Thanks.

Well over top of the sensor, controller, and actuator panels there are show and hide. You can minimize everything in that column.

Ah, show/hide is a bit misleading, but yes it collapses/expands the panels.

Thank you.
I learned something new today :smiley:

That is awsome. Thanks so much for enlightening me. Some one should mark this solved. By the way do you know what the Show/Hide OBJECT refers too?

Figured out the hide objects. It hides the entire sensor instead of just minumizing it. Cool