Can you open EXR multilayer files in Premiere Pro? (and see the layers within)

Hey guys, so I know how to open EXR multilayer files in After Effects (apply Extractor effect) and in Photoshop… in such a way that I can see and work with the layers within the EXR file

Im wondering, is there a way to open the EXR miltilayer files in Premiere Pro so I can see/work with the layers within the EXR?

After Effects can with the EXtractoR effect. It comes default with AE. I’ve never tried this with Premiere, because I never thought to do it. Premiere wasn’t built for that kind of thing.

For proper EXR workflows, I’d recommend sticking with a dedicated compositing program like AE, Fusion, or even the Blender compositor.

Yeah that’s what I thought too… Ill just use AE to single out the layer I need and use that then :slight_smile:

Blender could do that too … grab a file-input node, pick the layer(s) you want and send them to file-output.