Can You Or Can You Not Use Cycles PBR Node In BGE?

Hi all

I have seen acouple of demos showing Cycles PBR Node is workable in the BGE.

Whenever I tried it my self.

I got it somewhat working.

Can anyone ACTUALLY show me a step by step (?)

not sure where you saw that, but as far as i know, theres no way that could happen.

you could have been seeing upbge eevee, since eevee has compatibility with cycles nodes. upbge eevee is not really an official thing, its a personal experiment of youle and only meant to be a proof of concept. much core functionality isnt stable.


1st of all, I can’t seem to find the YouTube video that I saw with PBR node in the BGE :blush:

2nd of all.
@haidme Is using PBR node in the BGE (proof, unless he is using a add-on…)

im sure haidme is using an addon/node group for a pbr type thing.

a big part of pbr is world based or image based lighting. either cubemap probes or raytracing, either way, objects are mainly lit using their surroundings (scattered by roughness formulas for diffuse), and less fake lamp objects. without that, you basically have just fresnel. all my stuff uses lots of fresnel, but never would i call it pbr.

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use this build for PBR direct lighting, use realtime cubemap sample and blend into material using frensel
all that is missing from this model is indirect spec -(irradiance map)

as for real time pbr you should likely move to upbge eevee.


How would you say @haidme is using PBR Node in BGE (?)

you can drop it in, but it gets it’s lighting from bpy from the ‘preview’ lamp settings and was a placeholder really for real pbr later.

it’s basically a preview of the cycles pbr shader.

the GGX uses scene lamps etc, / true pbr direct diffuse / direct spec.
you then use

frensel -----mix ----reflection and GGX material

this adds in reflection

you can use LODBias to do roughness
and also use the roughness map to mix more reflection / less using a mix node
(there is a equation somewhere) [1- frensel ] power of something I will dig it up

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