Can you override materials of specific collections in Blender 2.8

Hey guys, I have a couple of collections in Blender 2.8, that I want to override with a basic diffuse material. Basically, I want to override all my collections, except my collections with my lighting in it… This way, i can preview my lighting setup in the viewport rendered view.

I know you can override materials in the view layer tab, but this is for my entire scene (including lights). I dont know how to apply this override to certain collecftions (or exclude a collection)

Is this possible to do?

Collection overrides is a forthcoming feature. Probably will arrive in 2.81.


Thank you for your reply… And the other way around? Excluding collections from the general override?

Not availble either I take it?

No, the material override applies to the View Layer. Collection Overrides will provide much more flexibility and power.

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Hopefully it will come in 2.81 then…thanks for this information!