Can you pause a fluid simulations bake?

Can you pause it in any way, or restart it at the last point?

No you can’t

EDIT: Disregard this post. I just noticed that you wanted to know how to pause a simulation’s bake as opposed to the simulation itself. Sorry.:o


Hello shadowlich.

There are at least two ways that I can think of.

1) You can make copies of the fluid cache files that correlate with the exact frame in which you want the animation to pause. The copies, of course, would represent the pause in time. You would then need to correctly/orderly rename and renumber the copies as well as renumber all the following fluid cache files in order to maintain the fluid sequence integrity. On Windows, a .bat file could fairly easily be created to easily automate this task. Also, a very small program could probably be coded that could easily automate this task.

2) I think the “speed” feature which has recently been added to the fluid simulation options can achieve this. Of course I haven’t tested to see if this changes the outcome of the simulation - so I don’t know. Actually, I have not really investigated at all what the true purpose is for the “speed” feature, but the name seems to say it all…

Good day to you friend.