Can you please help me with my first pc purchase? It would be a huge help! :)

Hi everyone!

Can you please help me with my first pc purchase? There’s a used one on the market and I’m wondering that if it is a good idea or not to actually buy it. (I need machine description for dummies :smiley: )
I want to use blender (Cycles) on it and maybe start to learn Unreal. Ofcourse I know that it won’t be a supadupa pc but I want to start somewhere (and to not kill my laptop :smiley: )

So the specifics of this machine are:

Power Supply Unit: Evga 500 BQ

Motherboard: Gigabyte B550M DS3H

m.: 2x Gigabyte Aorus 16GB KIT DDR4 3733MHz (32 GB)

cpu: Ryzen 7 5800x

graphicsc: Gigabyte Geforce Rtx 3060 Vision OC 12G Lhr

ssd1: Kingston SA1000M8240G

ssd2: Samsung SSD 850 Pro 1TB


  • cpu: Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360 A-RGB cpu cooler

  • 2 Silentiumpc Sigma HP Corona RGB (2×120 mm)

  • 1 Scythe Kaze Flex 120 Slim PWM RGB

Thank you in advance if anyone answers it would be a great help :slight_smile:

It looks like an okay starting point. As long as it is a good price (compare it to other PC in your market to figure out if it is a good price).

You might want to invest in a bigger PSU… 500W is fairly close to being inadequate for this setup, and you wouldn’t be able to add any other hardware.

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It’s not bad for an overall start. It will sure do Blender and Cycles, along with Unreal at a reasonable level. I guess the real question is how much, as that will greatly determine how good a deal it is.

Agreed, especially if you start adding on the peripherals (speakers, drawing tablet, mouse, keyboard, etc) they all add onto the power drawn. I’m probably mistaken but I’m pretty sure all of the 30xx series use at least 200w and your CPU will use around 80-100w (I think, look up your components specs). 80% is the golden rule, try and keep your power input under 80% of your PSU’s max capacity if you dont want to start frying things. That setup seems good though, SSD is important, you have 32GB RAM which is good for now, the motherboard is solid, and thats a good GPU to start with.

Seconded. I wouldn’t go less than 800W for this setup

800W would be overkill for that spec system, keeping in mind its a second hand machine, so likely been running fine for a year or two so far.

The CPU would top out at 140W, the GPU 170W, even if we add another 100W for the rest, we still have around 100W headroom, even with a 500W PSU. And that assume both the CPU and GPU running at max at the same time, which is very unlikely.

On the other hand, if one was going to get it and then add/upgrade stuff, like drop in a 250-300W GPU, then yes, I’d be much more worried and the 500W PSU would need to be replaced as well.

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My guess is that you’ve intimate knowledge of this system’s history?!

Otherwise can’t imagine why anyone would purchase pre-assembled secondhand hardware, budget notwithstanding.

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