Can you prevent 'Follow Path' from cutting corners?


I have a bezier path that objects follow using the ‘Follow Path’ mod which has the ‘Follow Curve’ box ticked so that the objects always orient the way the path curves. Most of the path is smooth curves and it works fine there, but there are some points where the path has a sharp corner by means of ‘Curve’ > ‘Control Points’ > ‘Handle Type’ > ‘Free’.

The problem is, at these corners, the ‘Follow Curve’ attempts the round off the corners, not in location, but in rotation. I want the object to head into the corner as if without knowing the corner is coming up.

Any way this can be tightened? I suppose I might have to divide the path at sharp corner points.

If you have a segment which is a between two vector control points you could subdivide that segment a few times.
Editing the curve after you have done this would be very difficult so may not be a solution in every case.

Thanks. In the end I did divide the paths into sections either side of the corners, and that gave me the exact effect I wanted and was fairly easy.