Can you put an array modifier on an empty in Blender 2.8

Im trying to get 20 empty evenly spread acros a straight line. Normally, with a mesh, I would use the array modifier for this…

But in 2.8, i can’t seem to put an array modifier on an empty

Is this the way its suposed to be? And if so… I can I quickly make instances nice and evenly spread of multiple empty’s?

I literally just watched a video on Twitter from Pitiwazou minutes ago about this,here it is. Now this is about making a light array, but I see no reason it shouldn’t work with empties too.

It doesnt work atm but it would be real great if it would, espeacially if working with empties for powerfull instancing (duplication of collections/groups).


Have you tried the technique linked in my post?

I just tried it out, and it works like a charm. You dont need the addon either. Here’s what you do basically

create empy/light
parent it to a plane
keep everything selected, go to object tab and set instancing to ‘faces’
keep everything selected, apply array modifier

You can then give the plane an transparent shader or something, so it doesnt show up in your render.
(i thought of this myself…so maybe theres a better way to ‘hide’ the plane from the render?

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…interessting workaround!
but not that flexible, exspecially working with collection duplication.
The need of parenting all object which should be duplicated to the “emmitter” is not the best solution and will make scene unnecessary complex.
The empty seems to be the only type of object atm wich supports Collections for duplication.

I think in this case it would be better to solve the visibility via the object cycles settings -> ray visibility…

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BTW you can use duplifaces rather than dupliverts, and then you can control the size and rotation of the empty.