Can you read the value of IPO's?

Hi All,

Is it possible to read the value of IPO curve’s back into the game engine programs? It would be useful to be able to then use them in properties etc. If it is only by means of a Python script, then could someone please supply one? Thanks in advance.
Keith R

You have it kind of backward, you don’t read the IPO, you read the object along the IPO that you tell it how far along to go…

Yup, I know that much, but I’m trying to trigger something from a certain postion, while the IPO carries on and keeps going. It is circular motion, so I can’t use an object to get in the way and then use collision, touch, near or something like that. I just thought that that it may be useful to read the actual “XRot” value or any one of the other IPO positions. Maybe there is some other way to do this. Any ideas?

Keith R

if I understand correctly, I think since IPO’s set an object’s loc/rot/scale, you could just use, say, object.getLocation()[0] to get it’s x position, which should be the same as the position on the IPO- unless the object is a child, in which case you would either have to figure something else out or factor in loc/rot/scale of the parent, its parent if any, etc.

unless you wanted the IPO frame you are on? in this case you’d have to make your own frame handler (just increment a variable, use an IPO logic brick to set the frame to that variable- now you can read the frame # from that variable)

Thanks, let me have a go at that, and I’ll see if I can figure that out. I guess I need to sit down and get into Python…it’s just a time thing as usual, but there are plenty of things that I’d like to do with the GE, and the basic logic blocks are a bit limiting.