Can you render Cycles viewport while python moves objects?

Say I’m in Cycles, and I’m having python do complex things like moving objects each frame and do calculations. And say I want to view if my human baby is learning to crawl without having to wait 5 days for a render. I know I can render viewport in Cycles, but can you do it while python is going?

yes, but what if python takes longer then one frame to calculate its movements? wouldnt something like the new EEVEE viewport suit your application better then cycles.

Hey that’s right…EEVEE is real-time…do you have to select at the top between BGE/Cycles/EEVEE or do you select Cycles, then in a panel choose an alternative render engine?

Like I mean, if I use the real-time rendering EEVEE, is that gonna give me different physics and code capabilities like it does when you click between BGE/Cycles at the top of the screen?

Eevee will have the same level of python access as cycles.