Can you replicate this crash?

I was going to submit this bug to, but because it’s so small I wanted to make sure other people had the problem too. It only happens to me when I use the new transparent UI .blend file they offer for downloading in the 2.35 changelog. The link to it is:

Blender crashes when I:
-Open up the B.blend file
-Go to the top and drag down the top menu to display the rest of the user preferences.
-Click on Language and Font (if not already highlighted)
-Then try to change the font size to anything other than the default 11

That’s when it crashes, but it’s only with this .blend file, and if you change the font to something else before changing the size, it doesn’t crash anymore. Would someone else please test this, and confirm it’s a bug, cause I can’t find any other situtaion that causes it.