Can you Reverse/Remove Subdivide?

Hello, This is a pretty basic thing that has been on my mind, My friend and me use blender a lot, and I always use low poly counts whilst he uses extremely high ones by constantly subdividing, Is it Possible to merge the faces that havn’t moved at all so that what looks like one face isn’t made up of hundreds of polys?

E.g. A Square that has been subdivided 10 times, so that he can pull out one cube, Is it possible to make it so that all the other subdivided faces just become one large face again?

Thank you.

Edit. I Have tried using remesh but I am unsure on how it works.

Unsubdivide option in the decimate modifier.
It is not a perfect unsubdivide but in some circumstances may get you close

Thank you:) I’ll give it a try:) Hopefully he will just learn not to use so many polygons for such a small thing:P

Edit. Works really well, Thank you:) Some interesting shapes if you use it in different itterations.

In your specific example, with a cube and W / subdivide repeated ten times, the decimate modifier does convert it back to the original cube