Can you say "Blow"?

crits needed, I’m starting on the trim/headlights/othercrap modeling

Superb so far, is it going to look as it is or will it become the B tt F version.

Is that Blender’s radiosity or GI?

Very nice work Mrmunkily I can’t see anything wrong with it.


Looks very nice mrmunkily.

As I said in your last thread, there need to be some bevelling. More so now. The edges are way too sharp around the door panels, the “A” pillar and along the top of the fenders. Get those smoothed out.

Other than that, it looks great.

Oh, and sonixsculpt, this was rendered in Yafray.


Is it always that grainy?

Mrmunkily, I found this link in another forum, the main background image has blueprints for the dmc…but I know this maybe too late now. :expressionless:


DeLorean was framed I tell you.

wow great job… honestly it doesnt all feel 3d though =\ the side of the car just makes me feel like its a uvmap instead of 3d windows/doors and such… could be the lighting…

Is it always that grainy?

if u render a bigger picture with alot more samples and anti-grain it seems to cut down alot/or totally on grain =)

My mistakes in presenting this pic were

A) using a metal material when I know that there’s nothing to reflect - that’s most of the reason everything looks so damned flat

B) Using materials when I probably should have flat shaded it so that it’s clear that the modeling isn’t half finished yet

C) Using yafray in a half assed manner, without tuning it. that’s why its grainerific

Its nice as i said before - but i still think it needs a Mr. Fusion on the back of it :smiley: and and and a a hoverboard leaning up against the front fender :o

Wow! As a 3rd-year Delorean owner, I can say that it looks pretty good. One criticism I do have is the following:

Delorean rear wheels are larger than the front wheels, and the outside surface of the rim is a little concave (sunk in…towards the middle). I know this probably seems like a small detail, but I noticed even before I noticed the missing side mirror, the missing toll-booth window, or the missing black metal trim piece on the top of the windshield.

It’s not perfect yet, but it looks really good. Nice work!

yes i noticed that - but I can’t beleive that you guys didn’t see the mesh distortion on the rear bumper - hahah part of the inner skin on the model accidentally was poking through.

I just realized about that hubcap concavity thing the other day - It’s fixed now. I just don’t have the time at the moment to start trim as in all the missing crap which I’m well aware of