Can you see if this works?

Hey Guys, I set up a new gallery but I don’t know if it works for other people or not.

No, I get a 404 error.

works for me.


Yea, see, for some people it works for some it doesn’t … Does anyone know why?

It worked after I visited the Index >

get rid of that stupid copyright pop-up that happens when you right click.

No, I can’t get it

It doesn’t work for me, either.

In case you need to know: I use Firefox, Norton Antivirus, and I have no firewall enabled.

I wonder what’s going on…maybe you could use another host?

Works for me.

Vulcankid: get a mac, that you you won’t need to use the right click menu!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

On most keyboards, you should be able to hit the Context menu key on your keyboard (the one on the right in this image):

It’s the same as right-clicking, and it opens the context menu. I don’t see why you need to do so anyway, but…meh.

i use the mouse gestures extension in firefox but whenever i tried it on his gallery pages the stupid pop-up came up, thus slowing down my internet surfing ability

it couldnt open for me


I really hate the pop-up, and it doesn’t even stop the right click menu from showing up. And I have to click ok twice before the pop-up disappears. The pop-up also appears when I try to press my middle mouse button to scroll. :frowning:

I’ve got firefox and it works fine with no pop-ups.

worked for me!!!

WTF is with the bumping?
Is it even relevant any more?

Worked for me

hint about sites with right click disabled: hit “view page source”, then find whatever you were trying to steal that they apparently didnt want you to…
edit- lol i thought this was a new post and people just jumped on it…