Can you set up an occlusion culling for indiviual object?

I was wondering if you can set up an occlusion culling for individual objects.
Something like the camera clipping where I can set up the units I can see.
I would like to achieve a view where you can see only the major objects in the distance and somehow unload all the little objects which you wouldn’t see anyway.
But I don’t want to set it up through the camera clipping. If there was something similar to it though, something where you could set the occlusion culling for individual objects, that would be great.

there is no occlusion culling for individual objects and UPBGE 0.3 does not have any occlusion culling at all, as far i can tell.

In standard BGE and UPBGE based on standard BGE, have occlusion culling for whole scene using occluder objects (special physics type).

Thank you for the info.
What happens when I set an object to be invisible?
Does that count as occlusion culling?
Or it still renders the object or its position?

I was under the assumption that in UPBGE 0.3, turning a object invisible also treats the object as a occluder for other objects.

It seems that turning objects invisible saves on memory. The bad thing though, turning a lot of them invisible at once in-game, hurts the frame rate for that moment.

Interesting. Is your visibility toggler logic done with BGE API or BPY might I ask?

It’s done with BGE API. If I move too fast in-game, the frame rate goes down for a moment.

Sounds like your computer is having trouble with drawing graphics.
Make sure camera clipping is as small as possibly.
Do you have many transparent materials in your scene?
What about high-res meshes.
Your computer specs might also be ‘older’ generation & unable to keep up with ‘modern’ graphics without the necessary professional optimizations.

I don’t think that my computer specs are an older generation.
I was trying to optimize a huge amount of objects while setting the camera clipping to 1000 units. While still having the shadow from the sun lamp.
I have around 21000 objects close together.
I was trying to optimize this and loading physics only close to the player while having the graphics still visible.

2,100 objects for a open-world is quite large & generally bad for performance.
If the objects are low-poly enough, you could use ‘BatchGroups’ which is hard-ware accelerated Instances - meaning they all share 1 big mesh (Kind of like CTRL+J) this code can be run at run-time with a Python script vie BGE API.
Properly set-up LODs can also massively help cover large distances with better performance overall.