Can you setup the 3D Manipulator to control custom properties?

Is there an easy way to setup a 3D manipulator to control custom properties, or would this involve scripting? If it is complex, is anyone aware of a plugin that allows this?

Sort of. It can be done with a driver so that a bone in an armature will control the value of a Custom Property in another object.

It’s not too-too complex. I’ve done a quick mock-up and attached it to this message.

Control_Custom_Property_with_Armature.blend (547 KB)

And here’s a tutorial on drivers: Drivers Tutorial

thanx for the reply, very helpful. Here is a little more context on what I’m trying to do:
I’m working on a 2D to 3D Stereoscopic conversion plugin, that allows the user to manipulate individual vertices that are constrained to the camera. I do this by controlling vertices with vertex groups attached to bones that our constrained to the camera (Track to), I then parent an empty to the vertices, these empties contain custom properties that drive the bone and thus control the vertex. This all works well, but is not user friendly. I would like to be able to use the empties 3D manipulator to control the placement of the individual vertex. I attached a file to better demonstrate:

3DManip_example.blend (625 KB)