Can you share files between different versions of Blender?

I got into Blender recently on the gaming side, so I started in v2.79. Been watching some tutorials on making objects, terrain etc that were in a later version of Blender. Could I make something in a newer version and then put into the old game engine?

Hi, major upgrade of Blender break backward compatibility but for objects simple copy/paste should work. Subdivision surface and displacement change for example, you have to test it.

Cheers, mib

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Hey this should all be fine as long as it is just static model assets with standard UV’s maps and textures. Probably most reliable to save and transfer in a standard file format like obj and re import as well. You would have to rebuild the textures for 2.79 I think but if you have standard maps it should be quick and simple enough.

I’ve actually been doing this a lot myself recently between latest Blender and 2.79. Although not with game engine, just for animation rigging and render. We have quite old Mac graphics machines at the small artists studio I am working at now on gallery displays / instillations so we still need to run 2.79 on them. I often like to model and block key stuff out in the latest version away from the studio and take advantage of the new features especially the viewport. But 2.79 is still a great app. And with it’s last release 2.79B also very stable and dependable too.

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