Can you spawn a camera, trying to change views?

OK, what I’m trying to do is be able to pop up a hunting blind anywhere and change the camera view to inside. This is what I got. On layer 1 I have a player and a empty(to spawn from) parented to the player. On layer 2 I have a hunting blind with a camera inside that is parented to the blind. When I hit play I can place the blind anywhere in front of player by pressing “B”. Hit “B” again and it removes the blind. Hit the enter key changes the view to inside the blind. The view only works if the blind is at x0,y0 on layer 1, which is where it’s located on layer 2. The camera seems to stay at the origin of the second layer. Any way to do what I’m trying to do?

OK, got it working. Added a sphere at the same origin as the hunting blind camera. Gave the sphere a keyboard sensor with “enter” being the key. Hooked up to a scene actuator, mode = set camera, with the object being the hunting camera.