can you split the 3d view window and then...

set one side to edit mode and one side to object mode?

or maybe is there a render window that updates in real time as you make changes? That would accomplish the same thing

um, they all update in real time, afaik

No. Edit and Object modes are base level. Hitting TAB is very fast to switch between modes.

You could have two windows, one as normal edit mode, and one that is edit mode with the render preview window (Shift P or View>Render Preview), just resize the window to your needs. If you want it in camera view and you don’t want the stuff outside the view of the camera to distract you, you can enable passepartout on the camera in the Editing Context, turning the blending all the way down to achieve pitch black.


hmm… it worked exactly as you said. However I think I ran out of memory because blender crashed after 5 minutes.