Can You Temporarily 'Disconnect' UV-Mapped Image From Mesh?

Is there a way to temporarily disconnect or disassociate a UV-mapped image from the mesh, and then later connect mesh and original image again?

(I asked a related question yesterday - and I’m still exploring the discussed options - but I thought this might be worth a separate thread, as such an alternative might be less invasive than other ways, if at all possible.)

What are you actually want to do. What precisely do you mean by ‘disconnect’

(I asked a related question yesterday - and I’m still exploring the discussed options - but I thought this might be worth a separate thread, as such an alternative might be less invasive than other ways, if at all possible.)
If this is question is associated with en existing thread then please don’t just start a new one.

I wish to:

  1. Map an image to a mesh as precisely as possible and then see if the mesh looks like it should. If it doesn’t, then I wish to:
  2. Disconnect the image/mapping temporarily, if possible, in order to edit the mesh without modifying the image/mapping. When that’s done, I wish to
  3. Re-establish the previous connection between the mapped image and the mesh.

It is related because the purpose is the same, but it’s not redundant, in my view, because the proposed means to achieve said purpose are different. And it can in my experience be difficult to go down a new avenue in an old thread. But you be the judge of that.


Is it possible to delete all UV-mapping/UV-coordinates?

UV Maps can be found in the object data tab of the properties panel. You can add, delete and rename as many UV sets as you want.

As far as editing the mesh without affecting UVs, some tools will do this automatically (eg inset face), some have options to correct uv’s. (eg loop cut - after accepting cut, press f6 and check "autocorrect uvs; or in some situations you can check “edit texture space” on a face scaling operation), other tools will make changes that cannot be corrected for.

Thank you very much. May I ask if this is to be found in the properties panel of the UV Editor, or the one of the 3D View? And is it visible in Edit or Object mode, or both?

I’m afraid that the only UV menus I can find are these:

  1. The UV-editor’s UVs menu, 2) The UV Draw options, 3) The UV Vertex coordinates (x/y positions), and 4) The Mesh/UV Unwrap menus. And none of them seem to have add/delete/rename options.

not certain why you want to disconnect UV!

but have you tried to pin all verts then the existing faces will keep their UV map
and you can add modify your mesh and the new faces added could be assigned to a new image with another UV uwnrap may be!

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I would like to be able to edit the mesh without stretching or otherwise modifying the mapped image. Either by locking the image in some way, or by temporarily removing/disassociating it from the mesh.

Yes, I actually have tried that, and I did it again just now to be sure. I may be doing it wrong, but it doesn’t have any effect. This is what I do:

I have two open windows: A UV Editor and a 3D View in Edit mode; I select everything, go to the UVs menu and click Pin.

The mesh in the UV Editor now turns deep orange - and nothing happens. E.g. if I then select and move a vertex in my object, the mapped image still follow the vertex, just as before.

look at this file
need to unpack the image

UVdisconnect1.blend (585 KB)

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All you need to do is to delete the UV map from the mesh. Before you do that, however, bring up the UV editor and select the map. Press the F button next to the name. This will make it a “fake” user. A fake user means it will still be saved with the BLEND file when you save the file even if it is not being used presently by a datablock. Later, if you decide to re-connect it to any mesh it will be available in the list for selection.

Delete it, do what you need to do then re-connect it later.

Thank you very much for your efforts. I’m embarrassed to say that I’m not really sure what you have done.

What I’m tryng to do is this:

Imagine you have modelled a human face and mapped a skin image over that face. Now it turns out that the nose on the image is too wide for the mesh. But instead of changing the image - which would distort it - you would prefer to make the 3D mesh a little wider, so that it fits the mapped image.

In order to do that, you have to lock the image/UV map somehow. If you don’t, it will follow the underlying mesh and still be wider than the mesh beneath.

So I’m trying to find a way to either 1) Lock the UV map while I adjust the mesh or, 2) Disconnect the UV map temporarily while I edit the mesh…

Thank you very much - I love the Fake-part! This sounds exactly like what I’ve been looking for!

EDIT: I finally found out how to delete the UV map, so I’ve also deleted a bunch of silly questions about how to do that. Only problem now is that I can’t find that deleted ‘fake’ UV map again. :slight_smile:

go to object panel there is a list of UV map name just delete it there!

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to only modify the vets location you can simply use the sync button in UV editor or pin all UV verts map
or as Atom said to make it disconneted just make it as a fake user

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Thanks a lot again - I finally managed to delete the damn thing. I’ve literally been dreaming about it all night. :slight_smile:

I’ve tried the sync button several times, but the image keeps following the mesh when I move the vertices - no matter if the button is activated or not. I really don’t get it; the text literally says: Keep UV and edit mode mesh selection in sync. I also get the same result when I select and pin all UV vertices.

One last thing about the Fake user: Where can I find the old UV map again if I wish to re-connect it?

i think you need to not delete it or it is gone!

your right for the pin thing
this will pin map and verts so they are always together
and if you change verts locaton it will change the image too cause they are pin together
so don’t pin the part you want to modify but then you will have to re adjust the map manualy after changing the verts on mesh!
or ry to remove sync and see if it works

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if you pin uv map it will always follow the same face
see pic

on right cube i change only the mesh verts
and it use same uv pin image!
so image of nose as been remapped to fit the new face size

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Yes - but what puzzles me is that it also follows the face when it isn’t pinned. I.e. I’m afraid I don’t understand the meaning of the Pin option.

But that would contradict what Atom said: That you can delete the UV map, edit the mesh and then re-connect the map.

did you look at new pic
not certain how to re connect it from a fake user UVmap !

i think the Fake is for the image not the UV unwrap itsefl!
unless there is another trick here!


I have wondered about that, too.

Also because there’s actually an F in front of the image file name after you have pushed the button.