Can you texture paint with a normals map at the same time?

I’m looking to start coloring this wolverine model. Most of the detail is in the normals map. So can I texture paint the model in blender with the normals map add at the same time? This is my first time adding a normals map, so no sure. I was playing around with internal and couldn’t see how to texture paint on a different layer and not mess my normals map up.

I could just normally paint in Photoshop, but I need to see the normals texture to know where all the details are. Can it be done in either internal or cycles?

I will add some images. One with a basic diffuse so you can see the model better than one with the normals map added.


the way I have found to do it is to texture paint to the black and white height map, you can then run it though a site like this