can you think in 3d?

Im just curious what percentage of the human population can think in three dimentions, like not flat. Ive been searching for an answer for this for a long time.

100%. No ifs or buts.

were did you get this information? Ive searched for it on the enternet but couldnt find much.

hmm…interesting question :slight_smile: I’m guessing you mean visualizing things in your head in 3 dimensions, and not the three directions we use everyday - up-down, left-right, front-back, right?

yes thats what I mean like take something and flip it around in your head

My answer: How many people can solve a Rubik’s cube without looking at a how-to manual?
Probably not many. I sure couldn’t. After 2 hours my head went :spin:.

really thats very interesting.

I do not know where you could find that out.

I consider myself a 3D thinker since I noticed that in 3D space it is more then easy to orient myself.
When I design products I even think through objects and use 3d primitives like in 3d.

I assume that most who work 3d are those folks.

thats why I asked on this fourm I thought this was the most likely place to find people like that
I can also think in 3 dimentions

I can easily think in 3d, but I have some trouble with flattening it to two dimensions (drawing :))

An interesting question to conduct a statistic of it to get a graphical probability result. :slight_smile:

This test might be difficult because you have to approach it in a way that the test result cannot reflect any already pre-given training.

I am very sure that I can think in 3D because years of exposure to 3D CAD applications gave me that ability.

I have difficulty in thinking in 3d. I even cannot recognize the picture laid out in a way of 3d.

do you think you cannot or do you know you cannot

small test

imagine you have to build a bath top in Blender, just imagine all the steps in 3d you would do in blender
in your mind? can you spin, rotate, extrude, bevel, etc this in your head?

What a retarded question…and what close minded fools would even doubt the answer to it?

How could we possible be able to understand that objects can be in 3D if we can’t imagine it? We are not animals that sees things in 2D, when we walk around we aren’t lookin at a 2D painting.

We are walking around in a 3D world and we can all imagine and see objects in 3D. What a rediculous question…and it entertains me that the art teacher can’t understand this. :cool:

I think I can…lol, I’m often thinking about how I would model certain objects, how I would shape the topology, or set up Constraints to imitate real objects, etc :smiley: I try to practice and store some ideas, so that when I have a problem staring at me in Blender, I might have a better chance of getting past it :slight_smile:

Spacetug : I can easily think in 3d, but I have some trouble with flattening it to two dimensions (drawing )

lol, I have trouble drawing, period :stuck_out_tongue: which is why I’m practicing by drawing stuff directly from reference, my two younger brothers (Rune_of_Time and Sumi-of-Truth) practiced that way, and they’re way better at drawing than I am, it’s actually pretty amazing…
they’ve gotten really fast too, and they can draw their own characters like they imagine them, which must be awesome :smiley: I can’t even make simple 3D versions of my stuff yet…

…I have a couple of my drawings on my DeviantART gallery, actually…but I’m branching off, as I have a tendency to do :wink:

I assume that you mean most people. It might be interesting to include the visually challenged as well (eg. blind). I have no idea how they perceive spacial structure.

Obliviously you misread the question.

To me the question is can you think in 3d, not can you see in 3d, big difference. As cekuhnen points out anyone good with drafting/3d cad software can think in 3 dimensions. In a drafting class I took once, some couldn’t visualize what an object should look like in 3d based on 2d top/side/front views. They couldn’t think in 3d.

As for animals only seeing the world in 2d, what a narrow minded notion that is. You can read up on the subject here. But here again, the question isn’t can you see in 3d, can you think in 3d…

Yes, I can think in 3d, give me a 3-sided view of an object and I can create an isometric drawing based on those views.


I think i can think in 3D. Definitely picked up CAD very quickly after doing very little with blender. Also i don’t get disorientated in shattered horizion, so i think that automatically makes me pass.

I don’t quite have third angle projection down pat, but i can do it.

Your original question as well as my previous post (see above) aroused my curiosity. So, google being my friend, I found some links that may be of use to you, at least they should get you started. Here they are:

Have fun! pix