Can you track a scene that only pans from right to left?

I have a scene that pans strictly from right to left that I’ve been trying to track for days. No matter how many times I redo it, the camera only seems to track at about half the pan speed that it needs to, but that’s because all but 2 of my trackers are INSIDE my camera when you look at it from the 3D view. This makes it to where the models I have in the scene don’t track well at all with the actual movement of the scene and stay completely in frame for the whole track when they should be appearing in the scene from off camera from the left side and end up near the middle of the camera by the end. This all happens even with my camera solve being 0.1866, but the solve doesn’t really matter if the trackers are all inside the camera instead of spread across the 3D space.

The only thing I can assume is that Blender doesn’t know how far away from the camera to put the trackers because the movement is only 2D from it being a pan. But if that’s the case, why are 2 of the trackers way outside of the camera (like they should be) to accurately represent their distance from the camera while the other trackers aren’t? The movement would probably be perfect if I could just get the trackers OUT of the camera and placed in the correct spot on the 3D world…but can you even do that with a panning shot?

We need a blend file - post it to then post the link here and someone will take a look for you, it is impossible to diagnose from what you have written, detailed though it is, as there are so many factors that may be having an effect.

Cheers, Clock.

PS. It is a great help to us if you always post a blend file, with only the essentials to solve the problem included.

PPS. Welcome to BA - I have only just seen your post, which I see has generally been ignored, this is not so good, but someone else should have told you about posting blend files…