Can you turn off the "autosuggest" on the right when posting?

When I start writing, it starts popping up - oh fuck it just did! “Your topic is similar to…” - could you turn that off, please? It’s BLOODY annoying…

I recommend you take a second to read through some of the suggestions, perhaps you find what you’re looking for.

But if you doubt you’ll find what you need, then just click the ESC button in the top right corner to close it.

No. NO AI knows what I will do and SHOULD never do that! Could you turn it off please?

Hehe im sorry you find this so frustrating, but we cant take a demand from one user to make a change that will impact the entire forum. A lot of users use this “similar to…” feature, myself included.

Just click the ESC button, and it’ll go away.

The cool thing about it, is that it works like a search engine that only searches on the forum. I often tend to use the title in a “new thread” as a search before i create a new thread. It has saved me countless times.

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This is exactly why this feature exists - to stop people from creating new topics when they could (and probably SHOULD) re-use an existing one.

Why don’t you just make it appear IF the user wants it instead of by default? Solves everybody’s problem, seems to me…?

Cause then 97% of users wont know the feature is there :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh come on! Just make a it a RED link on the black background or something!

Why though? It works perfectly as it is. Chances are people wont click it if they dont think there is a similar thread already. By having it pop up by default, users will hopefully spot a very similar title in their peripheral vision and read up on it before creating a new thread.

I understand you dont like it, but it only appears when you create new threads, not when replying to existing threads. Which is just a fraction of the times most users actually engage on the forum.

And even when they do create a new topic, chances are they wont really need to watch their preview unless they’re structuring a long, formated, and formal thread. In which case, the button to get rid of the similar threads is right there, with capital letters, and a big nice cross :negative_squared_cross_mark:

So this annoyance only really apply to an extremely small minority of users. I’ve never even though twice about it.

Know what bother me? The fact that you cant only have two “periods” in a … line like this, it autoformats to three periods. How annoying!

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