Can you view transparency in the viewport when cycles is enabled?

Hi guys,

I’m on a project right now where I will be doing some extensive animation of object transparency and I was wanting to be able to preview this in the viewport, but I can’t seem to find a way to do that in Cycles mode (it just works in BI, but I’m not using BI for this project).

So I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to view transparency on objects in the viewport when using Cycles?


samething then in bl !

set ob tranpa on ob panel
then in mat cycles panel setting sub panel set the alpha value and color

but this wont show the mat color only the preview mat color !
if you want real mat and text use the continuous render option

happy cl

Thanks for the tip! It’s usefulness is a bit limited if you can’t view this in the textured viewport (only solid), but it’s certainly better than before.

Thank a lot for this thread.

you will see transp alpha value in viewport !
but wont show the mat texture thing only the preview mat as transp