can you..

can you model and texture etc… in blender then use a differemt, mayve better/ more powerful game engine?

There is a crystal space exporter…

Yea, crystalspace is your best bet from blender, you can make your entire game from inside blender if you want to :smiley:

here is the install guied:

what is Crystal space?

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if mmph! reply by suggesting CS again I think my head will blow out…

CS exporter is quite slow. Exporting a single 16 000 polygon object from Blender took over THREE (!) minutes. Compare that to BGE or obj mesh export which both take one second with the same mesh. CS may be faster than BGE in realtime, but with export times like this it’s no joy. I used the default ‘genmesh’ object type. If I change it to ‘thing’ export takes only couple seconds, but the documentation says ‘thing’ doesn’t always export UV correctly and ‘genmesh’ is better for organic models.

Mmph, I just want to point this out as a time that your CS reply was merited. In this case, Crystal Space was indeed a good answer to the question. In this thread, on the other hand, the poster asked a very specific question about the Blender Game Engine, and the response that he should try Crystal Space was totally off topic. Do you see the difference?