Can youi make a decent model without dustorted edges without this retopology BS?

Ok I have tried and tried at blender for a long time and hit the same wall every time. Ugly dstorts around every edge extrusion.

The only fix I see is this retopo stuff that involved making a whole new mesh after making your mesh. Sure, ,making one mesh isn;t hard enough.

So basically is it the only way to get blender to stop making ugly edges no matter how the xxxx much I crease and bevel

I don’t really know how to answer this, because it isn’t really a question. We could try to help you with these ugly edges if we could see an example. There are many paths to a finished model, not all of them involve retopologizing, but its really case by case. I basically never retopologize.

As people have told you numerous times already, the problem is not with Blender, it is with your topology. When doing subdivision modeling, unless you’re working on a completely flat surface, you simply cannot have sudden transitions in polygon density - they will ruin the shape. So you have to build your model accordingly. If you plan to have small details on a curved surface, that curved surface will need more edges to support its shape, before you can cut in those smaller details.

Here’s a video by Arrimus3D explaining how to fix subdivision pinching on curved surfaces, and how to plan your edits accordingly. It’s in 3DS Max, but everything there applies to Blender as well, because it’s all just topology and math, and has nothing to do with a given program.

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I seem to have alleviated the problem with a few knife cuts to bisect ngons.

And when I model I usually have a general idea in mind, but i often make changes as i go accoring to the mesh shape.