Can your video card use GLSL?

I finally got a new computer, and one of the bonuses is that I now have access to the GLSL and shader functions. Now I’m curious what percentage of people have videocards capable of utilizing them. I’d like to use them more, but I’m curious how many people wouldn’t be able to see the games as they are meant to be.

there is no poll… Anyway, mine can.

Edit: I reloaded the page and the poll is there now.:o

I only got a new graphics card so i could use and see other peoples GLSL blends…does that make me sad? don’t answer that!!!
BTW its a pretty crappy card but it does for me…7300GS PCI-E

Yes, I have a card that supports shaders.

I have an ATI, I can’t see all types of shaders :frowning:

I have no idea. :smiley:

I have access to three computers and none of them have GLSL capable graphics cards.:rolleyes:

yes and no… my “real” computer does but is temporary broken, and the replacement does not.

I have no GLSL. (Which, considering I develop with Irrlicht (another game engine, in C++ and like, 4 other languages.) is pretty bad.)

No cel-shading for me :frowning:

By the way, Irrlicht is probably the next best choice for a game engine, open source, and zlib licenced. (You could go commercial, and not have to release the source.)

my crappy radeon 9550 AGP is capable of shaders

yup 6600 dual gpu… need an upgrade and lots of money!! lol

I have one computer which supports GLSL, and one that doesn’t. That’s convenient because I can tell how my game will work on high-end and low-end computers.

I got my [email protected] for less than 20 Bucks from some online-auction. It performs like a 9800 (> 9600 XT !) using the Omega drivers. They allow you to use all 8 shader pipes of the 9800SE. No need to overclock. It sucks pretty much at the latest games but is sufficient if you just want to tinker with GLSL 2.0b shaders. I guess about 80 to 90 % of shader-enabled cards can process 2.0 shaders. Looks like a pretty solid userbase, worth to develop for.

I can’t see all types of shaders, only a hand full.

And Kannon how did you get Irrlicht to work. For me, Irrlicht acted the same as Crystal Space, it simply didn’t work.
Sorry for my late reply.

My desktop computer supports it - Innio 3D Nvidia 6200a , but my laptop doesn’t - ATI rage 7500 I think in a samsung P10.
Thinking of upgrading the laptop sometime soon so I have GLSL working and I assumed I needed a card with OpenGL 2.0 . Looking at some of these replies that looks like it may not be the case. anyone know if the Intel 945GM Express graphics supports it???