ok, I have to say I modeled this one really fast (also thanks to Fiber), the hard thing has been to match the lights with sky.
ah, I forgot it… it’s finished, being beautiful or not, but I would like to know what do you think about it…

well…its not bad, i like the grass, can’t really see the can very well.
the sky seems kinda strange, try a different one, with clouds for example.

thats about it.

if you put a lot more rubbish this could be an ad. for something like clean up day.


The grass is excellent! The rest is a bit too dark. Are we supposed to be able to read the can’s label? I like the sky and think you should leave it alone. Also, rotate the can a bit more since being straight-on to the camera makes it look posed.

Yes… The grass is perfect but the rest… Edit the scene a bit and it´ll be a good picture