there is one of my work.
It wasn’t to hard for the modeling but I am struggling with the texturing.
especially in the background so if anyone could give me some advice it would be nice. :smiley:
This is the second one

that looks pretty cool :slight_smile:
the face looks like its not quite on the can though…

what are you trying to do with the background?

I am trying to make the background look more realistic but i am not very good in texturing.I tryed to make the wall and the ground dirty but it didn’t work well.

Im still a noob actually, but I believe you can create a bump map which you could use to give depth to the cracks on the floor…that would improve it somewhat. I think there is a tutorial on for that.

For the wall…how about adding a rocky background…
create some textured rocks and have them filling up the background a bit to add that little extra. This could also hide where the ground meets the wall…

just a suggestion :slight_smile:

Hello again.
Thank you for you help “code_astro”.
I have changed the place where the wall meet the ground and I have added some stuff to hid a bit the back.
I wasn’t able to make a better texture but i modified it a bit. :smiley:
(It Is the same as the second one in the top. Don’t try to find the difference)