Cancel Render

Hello Friends.

This is a total noob question:
What is Blender doing when you cancel the render?

Why does it feel like it refreshes the scene in the editor window?

Well it tells the renderer to stop… and because this one is not very interactive and has it’s own time to ask about when what to do this sometimes takes some time…
And the GUI is actually refreshed… if you don’t set Render → Lock Interface… ( which may be a bad idea… if your scene is not finished and ready to render yet :wink: )


I think I didn’t understand that part.
How does that explain the heavy computation time involved when I cancel the rendering job?
Isn’t it supposed to just stop and free the memory, or some stuff?

Sorry, but I don’t get it.

Thank you for the “Render->Lock Interface”. Learned something new here!

edit: Using the “Lock Interface” option, did help to reduce the cancellation time.

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The renderer may just do its thing (because it was mainly to render and not to interact with the user)… it main job is to compute and not ask if it has to stop… so if someone wants to stop thenit maz take some time before the renderer even get it that it has to stop…

Also it seems (up to 3.4 for cyles) that the denoiser starts to denoise even if the renderer was stopped… ( and the denoiser seems not stop at all before its job is done)…