Canceling Jessica Rabbit

I am sorry to announce that I will not be doing a Jessica Rabbit mesh. I have been modeling for a very long time using MilkShape, but I have not used Blender before, naturally I misunderestimated (Thank you Dubya) Blender, and when I sat down to use it for the first time I was over-whelmed. I apologize to all who were looking forward to seeing her, and I promise to model her later (I have a milkshape model of her, I may post that).

I know how you must feel like. I’ve used Milkshape too before I started with Blender and I had a really depressing feeling after my first minutes.
But keep trying and you get used to Blender

I know a lot of people who worked with Milkshape and Anim8tor who jump into blender and can’t get the hang of it. I think part of the problem is that it isn’t very easy to find the beginners tutorials (like the gingerbread man, or the one I learned blender from, the modelling/texturing a castle tuts…)

Thanks for all of your support. I bought the book on Blender; and I am learning very fast. The interface is the worst, once you get past that it comes alot faster. I remember when I first used MilkShape…laugh. Anyways, like I said, I am learning fast and by visiting this forum I am really getting a true glimpse of the power blender has. Some of the human meshes are amazing. If anyone out there has any advice or hints or tips, drop me a reply or email at [email protected].

Also, the book is very good, but a lot of typos…A…LTO (lol)

I think you’ll come to love the interface soon enough. You’ll see :wink: