*Cancelled* BGMC 20 | A leap of faith


Blender decided it would be a genius idea to overwrite the gamefile with the main menu. The closest back up I have is literally 24 hours of work in the past. I’m surprised I haven’t thrown the whole machine through the window yet.

Looks like it can’t be recovered, what a waste of time…
I guess I should make more backups more frequently.

Best of luck to everyone else!

Have you tried open autosave from within blenders main menu? And sort by date/time. I can usually find an old version only a few hours old there.

I’m sorry to hear that.
I suppose you’ve tried all the usual .blend1 .blend2 backups etc.?

Perhaps you might want to enter without the menu?

Yeah searched through the whole directory, also checked recover previous session etc.

Yep, the problem is I save often just incase blender crashes so that removed the chance of a backup being available.
I’ve now updated the save backups to 3 instead of 1 for future reference.

Well without a menu I will have nothing to enter with. I overwrote the game WITH the menu so no game, but a neat looking menu. I don’t think a flash looking menu will prove to be much of an entry :p.

Thanks for the sympathies, I guess I learnt my lesson about saving frequently and not making enough backups!

Bad luck, man. I remember your previous entries being of quality, so it’s a shame for everyone. :frowning:

Thanks! yeah I was looking forward to sharing this entry, it even had a cool intro/outro and looked great, however redoing animations and everything else will take a while.

big bad luck… we’ll miss you in BGMC20:(

Oh man that is terrible! I have had that happen to me with other games too

that remembers me at the good old z80 machinecode programmers times, when i found a solution for a problem after days of thinking, programmed the code let it run and forget to put an exit into the loop. you see it working, but you didnt save and you didnt write the solution down. feels like your puppy died.

My commiserations. It’s happened to me before too.
That’s why my game folders look like this:


Thanks for the concern guys, hopefully I’ll be able to join BGMC 21 if I have enough time!

I should probably do something similar, maybe I’ll save additional backups in a backup folder while I’m creating the game.

If only blender had a dialogue box for overwriting a file instead of just a red bar.

Even more useful would be if blender created a seperate backup that couldn’t be updated when the change in .blend file size was > 3MB (as mine jumped from 27 down to 1.48 which should have raised a red flag).

If you saw my vehicle physics creation folder… The numbers go way up and the there’re several title types:D

I have throw away whole projects on purpose, don’t let it get you down.

when you look at the project a year from now it will look like it’s written in crayon…

Just keep growing :smiley:

you learned everything, you can do it 4x faster now.

Sorry to hear that Tim. I always have autosave turned off, because it’s faster, most times, for me, to re-open the blend file, than it is to troubleshoot when something goes horribly wrong. Instead, I copy the folders containing blend files to a thumbdrive at the end of each Blender session. At least that way I have the most recent version (last saved)

AFAIK autosave never overwrites your manually saved files, it only saves copies to a temporary directory (though you can customize it to be a non-temporary directory, in case of a system-wide crash).

OK. wasn’t sure :slight_smile: The reason I use a thumbdrive is hardware fails. Just lost an external HDD with all my home movies, pictures, hundreds of Music concerts I traded with. Flac files etc. DVD’s (VIDEO_TS folders)

Always remember to create a back up for a back up for a backup.

Keep going, it will only take you 14 hours of work to get back that 24. It happens, but every time this has ever happened to me I’ve spent more time being upset over something I had no control over. If I took that same time I could’ve redone the work instead of wasting time being upset.

Hey, have you checked the TEMP folder?

Using subversion would help too, also OwnCloud.

For work projects I use Assembla (www.assembla.com) you can get it with 1Gb space free account

And for personal projects I use my own hosting with OwnCloud so I can save it locally and in the cloud.

Anyway… at the end of the day nothing is 100% secure so, bad to hear that Thatimster :frowning: