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I understand that it can be confusing but as you mention it in another thread bullet physics recording can be used to make an animation.

It is too soon to cut blender in two software because this kind of physics is not supported.
For many users, Game Engine is the more important part. Game is historical blender’s purpose.
And with WebGL, it can be its future.
I don’t think it can be separate as a simple plugin.

2.5 interface try to be clearer than 2.49 interface with less buttions.
And using an engine choïce is here to only display settings you need, at a certain step.
You can totally ignore Blender Game Interface if you don’t want to use Game Engine.

Compared to other 3D graphic suites, blender is relatively small.

Just a question: do you knwo anything about the code of blender? (i’m not assuming anything, just to know if your “proposal” has at least a bit of practical consistence or not :wink: )

BGE is mainly in C++, can’t be as a Python plugin AFAIK. and it shouldn’t …

And also, blender users will be able to focus more on the animation, rendering, etc stuff.
Why ? If you already don’t want to use the GE, then you don’t have to.

Instead, it will also reduce the size of the blender
Is size a problem already ? No

And add more animation based features into the blender replacing the game engine size.
This doesn’t make sense. Why would remove the GE add more animation features. Its not one thing or the other. Why are you obsessed with the file size?

Sorry but all your arguements don’t stand up. I’d class this as a totally pointless poll/thread.

you should have padlocked it.

you should have padlocked it.

It doesn’t as far as I see break any rules.