Cancelling a Radiosity Calculation?


If I want to cancel a radiosity calculation right in the middle of processing is there a way? I know that you can cancel the pre-calculated type by hitting the esc. key, but I’m talking about the radiosity calculation that occurrs when you use the radio button in the render settings.

Any help would be appreciated!

Why would you like to do that?

I think I know what you mean. You should just set your “Max Iterations” to the numers of steps you want in your render. (I think :wink: )

Because it can sometimes take a VERY long time to finish the calculation and if, during that time I realize I forgot to set something correctly, then I would like to be able to cancel the calculation and make the changes. Then I can start the render over without waiting for hours just to see the incorrect render.

Make the main Blender window active and hit Esc, instead of in the render window. This works in Win XP.

you can do this with a regular render and thusly, a radiosity render by clicking on the render window and pressing [esc]…

it will stop the render and allow you to continue to work in Blender…

i hope this helps


doesn’t seem to work when Blender is calculating radiosity… give it a try, hit the radio button in the render properties window and then hit render… now try to stop the radiosity calculation… esc doesn’t seem to work for me…