Cancer sucks

My uncle just passed away this morning because of pancreatic cancer.

Have you or anyone you know been affected by cancer in some way?

It’s a sad time for me and the family.

Hey my regards.

I’ve not had anyone close pass away due to cancer, but I still have concern for this deadly disease. I hope a cure for this is on the way.

sorry to hear of your loss
I know it’s hard emotionally, I’ve dealt with it a lot
cancer has been trying to get me for 20 years
bone cancer, left femur
9 years ago they cut the whole thing out and replaced it with what looks like a tinker toy on an x-ray
10 years before they just removed about 8 inches of it, it came back
my wife’s had tumors removed from both kidneys
sometimes they can handle stuff by just cutting it out
lung cancer got my brother and my mom
he was only 42
the pancreas is a bad one
cancer indeed “SUCKS”
sorry for your loss


My condolences((((( HUGE CONDOLENCES)))))))

Cancer sucks

My Dad has cancer right now and is going through treatment…

I think he will be okay.

I think it is the damn food we eat!!!

my deepest regards :confused:

Yes, big regards. Perhaps you could say what you really liked about him?

A lot of people I know / knew have been affected by cancer. Some of them still live, many of them passed away. There’s currently still a member of my family fighting it, but after almost 10 years it seems she’s about to give up as well…

Anyway, my deepest regards… Cancer sucks.

Zootanore, you have our condolences. I know how hard it is, my father passed last November (today would have been his 79th birthday) and I still miss him every day. Prostate cancer was a contributing factor, along with other things such as a lifetime of smoking. I went thru radiation treatment for prostate cancer last fall, fortunately the checkups have been excellent and the doctors figure on a full remission. I’m 51. My little sister just had radiation therapy for breast cancer and is recovering, she’s only 49. No history of cancer in my family until 5 years ago, then blam! And I lost a good friend to pancreatic cancer about 10 years ago, Howard was an inspiring individual and was only 47, he was gone a week after the diagnosis. Pancreatic sucks big time.

Remember the good times and treasure your uncle’s memory.

Peace and blessings on you and yours in your time of sorrow.

Thanks for all the comments. I read each story carefully and could tell that you some of you guys are going through the same thing. I hope we could all get through this.

I loved my uncle. He was always such a kind person. Very gentle.

May he rest in peace as so for everyone else. Thank guys

I go over and take care of the little boys. A pair of 4 year old twins and a 6 year old boy :frowning:

I’m sorry, I haven’t had anyone close affected by cancer, but I know who is feels to lose someone that is close to you. I hope you and your family can get through this, and hopefully, sometime this decade we’ll figure out a cure for cancer.

My regards,

My friend’s mom suffered from breast cancer.
Its really awful…a lot of suffering.
She lost all her hair while undergoing treatment.
Also she had many other side effects.

Dude, 3 person died, 2 had cancer, in three months.

dont judge me just because i was born in July '85. that doesnt mean i suck :frowning:

nah seriously… lost several relatives to cancer, but hey… lots of research is being done. chances of survival are much better then a few years back.

I’m very sorry for your loss. Honestly.

I’ve lost relatives and recently a friend to bone cancer. Our assistant pastors wife also just died from bone cancer. The person who started our Michigan Blender group, Honeycomb, is also battling cancer currently and cannot attend meetings.

Cancer indeed stinks.

I am very sorry for your loss. My mother died from cancer. By the time it was diagnosed it had become systemic, that is to to say that there was no one thing to remove surgically. She went through chemo and all of that to no avail. Sad to say it was a lingering process and very difficult to go through. I am sure that your uncle as well as my mom are happier now than they were in life. And you are correct, cancer SUX!

sorry for your loss dude

and yes i have been affected by it as well i lost my mother to bowel cancer october last year and with my gran dying of same thing, i may go that way as well.

I lost a young cousin to a cancer.

My condolences.

I’m very sorry to hear that Zootanore.

I have a grandpa right now that just found out he has cancer of the bladder. They think they caught it in time and he’s still pretty healthy but he’s 80 so he’s getting up there. I’m hoping he’ll be ok and stick with us for a while longer.
I also lost my other grandpa to lung cancer. He went very quick and that side of the family has not been the same since. I was kind of young, i remember it, but i wasn’t very sad about it, which has made me often question my normality since. His wife, my grandma is also fading in health.

So yeah I’m feeling you on the whole cancer and death thing. Its really no fun. We just have to remember the good times i guess.

My father had prostate cancer but he got fixed. My godfather currently has bonemarrow cancer and I’m pretty sure it’s going to kill him.

My Grandmother on my mother’s side had a brain tumor when I was 12, I don’t think it was cancer but cancer also involves tumors. She had most of the tumor removed and what killed her (she died peacefully), was that she was to leave the hospital within 7 days but she got a blod clot in her legs from being immobile in the hospital bed for a while.