Cancer Wallpaper

Thought it was about time I made another wallpaper. I was looking around at DeviantArt and suddenly got some inspiration, rare thing these days :spin:

Some, myself included, might think it a little morbid since if you look closely you can see that the good side is loosing. But anyway I really like how it turned out. I can look at this all day :slight_smile:

100% Blender + Nodes (except top/bottom border)

Here it is:

is, eh, the server down? Its refusing my connection…As in, I cant connect…

Looks cool, sooo… is the green or the white the cancer?:wink:
would make a good background :)…

Yeah, nice, simple and effective! I like it

Looks good, fellow deviant :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s really nice! No crits.


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
Otto, it is a background. Just press download and you should get the fullsized one.

Do you seriously think you are funny?
Do you seriously have brains in you empty skull?
I don’t think you know what cancer means, let me explain it:

It is a disease where people can’t be cured from, so you watch yourself dieying.

FadieZ isn’t going to like this (if … is still alive)

Don’t be stupid. I never made the piece to look funny. I made it as a kind of visualization of cancer, I’m not mocking it for god’s sake.