100% opensource [Blender + Gimp]
Render engine: Cycles 2000 pass
Postproduction with Gimp


Looks great! Did you use Object Info node to randomize them?

yes, here there is node material setting :slight_smile:


Nice. They look a little thin (as I am comparing them to the ones in my hand…)

place57, probably you should calibrate your seeing aspect ratio. Mine were wrong too…

here in Italy there’s the economic crisis , the sweets are smaller ahahah :slight_smile:


Very nice. I’m curious how you got them into the bowl. Physics? Some of them look as if they are stacked up in a somewhat unnatural way, although that may happen in real life too. Thanks for showing how you did the randomize color in the nodes. Neat stuff.

yes i used physics,i wrote a tutorial but it’s in italian language, if you want download it is on my website

Thanks for the tutorial, you have very beautiful imagery on your site. Inspiring. I have used the physics method also for putting gumballs in a gumball machine. But with yours since they are shaped, I think you notice the strange stacking more. What you might try doing is dumping the candies again from the bowl back into another bowl, so you end up dumping them twice. If you think about it, when you dump m&m candies into a bowl, you’re doing it from a randomized orientation already, not from a stacked orientation. However if you dumped a bag of oreos from their stacked orientation, you might end up with something like what you have in your image. Just a thought.

Thanks for your suggest… I’ll try to randomize candies orientation and re-bake simulation :slight_smile: