Candle - 30 minutes



A question (unrelated to the current competition): why do the floor textures so often make it look like the object is floating above it?

It’s not about the texture, but the lack of shadow, IMHO.

Be well

Yes, the lack of shadow makes it even worse, but regardless, the “resolution” of the floor and the “rest” [in this case the candle holder and candle] have different detail, which makes in my eyes the floor blurred as if it was an inch below.

But then again, my doctor did say I have strange eyes >.<

yeah you’re right about the floating
this is what it looks like whit shadows and transluance(or something like that) on.

much better i think(only i needed a better wood texture)
oh and my gold matrial sucks:D

I’ve been doing some research onto Renderman shaders, so maybe we could collaborate :wink: I’m working on a wood texture right now. I’ve got some 3rd party wood texture maker, but I’m not 100% happy with them, so I intend to write one for my self.

Here’s one small test with 3rd party wood:

For my pencil, I need to rotate the texture a bit more than in this pic, but it looks promising. I expect to finish texturing 2 wooden bridges by the end of this weekend.