Candle Flame [WIP]

Hi All,

Im currently trying to do a closeup of a lite candle in cycles…been trying really hard to get the materials light coz they are so tricky…here are the list of my issues…Please help me out! :slight_smile:

Okay so Number 1… I managed a semi translucent material for the candle…kinda faking SSS…bt there will always be a glossy coat over the candle…the melted part which is on the top…im having a hard time getting that right! i thought abt a fluid sim bt i cant really get it to distribute over the surface…nd using a glossy material over the whole candle just ruins the translucency…im not sure what is the best procedure here! :frowning:

Number 2. The flame! its killing me…i dont really know for sure if a smoke sim or a sculpted simple flame wud work for the scene…i looked into all tutorials for the smoke sim and none manage to pull out a good material for the flame…furthermore…the shape of a steady flame wud be really hard coz i cant really use a lattice for control…

The problem with just going with a sculpted version is again the material…im having a hard time figuring out the materials as well…cant seem to get that perfect combination of translucency and color…

Please find attached my test renders for the wax and the flame…

Id really appreciate it if u guys cud point me to some useful node structures for materials…or point me in the right direction! :slight_smile:



Still stuck with the flame! :frowning: Need some ideas over this!

My latest render…

Trying to mix up things so that i retain the fade effect of the flame inside but have defined edges of the flame…using a combination of glass shade with my current node system with fresnel…doesnt seem to add to the realism of the scene but is a cool combination! :slight_smile:

test render…

Another version of the render…worked a lil more on the flame (which of course didn’t work out so well)…even though it looks nothing like one…i guess it counts as a valid attempt! :slight_smile:

Really appreciate some opinions and suggestions over the test renders :slight_smile:


Most of the time, realistic fire effects are done with the simulators. I have only played with the soft-body physics for about 5 minutes, but I know that there are simulators for smoke, fire, water, etc (or maybe the are the same simulator with different settings.)

You will be hard-pressed to get a realistic flame effect using just geometry without just using alpha maps and billboarding images. You will need particles and the simulators to take this to the next level.

For the flame, i don’t see anyone doing much better then this tutorial:

@ Mack…i have seen the tutorial u mentioned…bt the prob is that its for BI…and not cycles…i guess u already know that currently cycles doesnt support the Voxel data texture…and i guess the rest of the shaders will not work in the case of smoke simulations. The method is completely BI oriented…and i was trying to use cycles to get the render… :slight_smile:

@kastoria…i know its really difficult to get a sculpted look of the flame…in the end it just turns out too perfect to be one or just too distorted :slight_smile: bt as i have mentioned above…there are methods in BI bt i wanna use cycles :slight_smile:

Do you have a candle in your house?
Lit it and study it.
Look the form of the flame, it’s colors.
Look at the candle. Does it have SSS? What shape does it have now? How does it smelt?
You know, real things definitely look real.

You can use a combination of transparent + emission shaders for the flame

Well, if you want to compromise: The flame can be rendered in BI and the rest of the scene can be rendered in cycles. Just composite the flame scene over the cycles scene. I’ve done this several times.

To keep it realistic in cycles, I would add an object to act as light coming from the flame. You can make it invisible in rander by disabling the camera option in the object’s ray visibility section.

@BlackClaw…I understand the fact that the best way to sculpt or model any kinda object is to observe it with a close eye and try to replicate stuff…bt the deal is sumtimes the shaders and combinations do not work well…

I believe a combination of the transperent emission shader ud give u fame whose center wud be a transperent surface and the edges emitting light in a specific form…i did try that…furthermore, a flame is way too complex as well…making the whole surface emissive wont really solve the purpose…thats why i have added a light source at the center…also, if u notice there needs to be fading effect of various colors…there are parts of the flame with a lot of combustion which are extremely bright…and parts of the flame where there is very less combustion…so they are blue…thats why i used a color ramp…still trying to tweak it to a better range… :slight_smile: I currently have a combination of translucent…transperent shaders based on a color ramp factored by a radial ramp factor…and finally toped the whole thing of with a glass shader with an IOR close to 1…the whole factor again being controlled by a fresnel…

As far as the wax is considered…it wud definitly use a SSS with a hint of more translucency…

the melting wax again…i cud have sculpted it…or used a fluid sim for it…i tried the fluid sim option bt havnt really given it much of a thought…

@Mack i guess thats the only option left :slight_smile: thanks for ur advice…ill try and look into changing the whole scene to a BI… :slight_smile:

Its just that BI yeilds such wonderful results when u know what ur doing…:slight_smile:

you dont have to change thew whole scene to bi…render just the flame in bi and then using the compositor, blend it into the cycles scene…if you wanted to make a more realistic candle flame in cycles, you would probably have to look at mixing a hell of a lot of stuff with an emission node.