Candle in hell

This is how a candle burns in hell

nicely done. i woulda textured the candle, looks kinda plain.

:slight_smile: The candle is just a carrier for the flames.

Flame looks good, but I think it’d look cooler in the hand of a gargoyle like statue :wink:
Nice work

  1. pofo


Thanks for the blend. My mind is racing with things to do with it.


hi - really nice !

Could you tell us (me :slight_smile: ) how you did it? i could really use it for a fireplace thats part of my scene.

The fire is nice,

the candle is nice

they don’t blend well together.

That’s more a firewoks fire or big burning campfire than a candle, with such a fire you should see wax melting down rapidly :slight_smile:


reminds me more of an industrial smoke stack :wink: but still looks good
i see this is in finished works =\ candle in hell… hell doesnt look all that bad to be honest… only one lil candle flame… how come people always complain about the heat! =D :< :<
i dont like the particles though, but agree that they dont fit the wick

EDIT: " i DOOOO like the particles…"

among the best cg fire i have seenb…

can we have the .blend?

I have to agree. Very nicely done. I agree about the mix between the candle and the fire though. Just doesn’t fit. But DAMN! Nice fire.


really nice CG flame!

a little too flammy for a candle (maybe something like this would have been more candle-ish :wink: ) IMHO


:smiley: OK… OK… you’re right, but it was just a joke to use a candle because only a fire in a black background is not attractive to look at… i think but i’ll post the fire separate and when i think it’s a nice flame i will post the .blend file


VERY nice, but yeah maybe makje the flame a bit smaller, it kinda seems to wander from the wik =/