Candle in the wind

I’m posting this as WIP because it’s part of a much bigger project I’m not able to post yet. Still I wanted to share this.

It is based on Nathan Dunlaps candle ( )in a refurbished version.

Changes to original file:

  • flame-material updated for (even more) realism

  • new candle modeled with wax dripping

  • introduced subsurface-scattering to make wax look realistic

  • added a pond of liquid wax around the wick

  • added target-empty to rig, so flame can be animated without knowledge about rigging (i.e. without entering pose-mode). Due to this multiple flames can now be animated synchronously by using a common parent-empty (no messing with forcefields, etc.)

  • Added another empty called “Flame” at the base of the flame to easily move the whole flame-rig (e.g. when lighting the candle you can just move the flame along with the tip of a match and “drop” it at the wick)

  • added lightsource to candle

I hope this is of use to someone.


candleInTheWind.blend (241 KB)

Sorry, posted the wrong one. Updated version in post above.